Monday, 4 January 2010

Merrill digs her hole even deeper with latest dumbass move...

Cheryl Merrill recently took a trip to Opposite Planet and filed a Restraining Order against Edmond Wollmann with a triumphant flourish...which, on Opposite Planet, means a spectacular bellyflop.

Merrill wants people to believe so badly that it wasn't her who originally emailed Violet Blue with a death threat back in May, 2007. First, she claimed, with zero evidence, it was Joel Utman. Then, she inexplicably switched her blame game and said Ed Wollmann did it. No reason to believe her ridiculous lies. No reason for the switch, no evidence for her assertion.

Which was made, despite the fact that the IP numbers from her original death threat email matched every one of the other intimidating, malicious, threatening emails she sent to Violet Blue. There is no evidence that Merrill puts forth whatsoever that anyone had the ability to "grab" her IP address. She just hopes that if she acts the victim loudly enough they won't see that she's the one who maliciously contacted Blue.

So, it was obviously, unquestionably Merrill who emailed Blue. All the evidence points to her: Her IP Numbers. Her vicious, attacking manner. Her angry use of the word "cunt". But here is Merrill's not-believable story: "It was an imposter who impersonated me that did it".

Merrill wants us to believe this, yet she absolutely refuses to believe Wollmann when HE says " "It was an imposter who impersonated me that did it".

Oh, so that could only happen to you, Merrill, and no one else? Why, if you think that couldn't be the case with Wollmann, should we believe you when *you* use that same argument about Violet Blue? Couldn't Wollmann have been the victim of a "hacking" imposter also, Cheryl? You gave him ZERO benefit of the doubt and began a 2 year tirade against him. Yet you want everyone to believe *your* ridiculous alibis and excuses; et you want every bit of the benefit of the doubt when it comes to you.

Merrill has been told so many times by so many people that Edmond Wollmann (regardless of being the apparent Net Eccentric that he is) is not the person who has been making blogs about her.

Wollmann has told her. Wollmann's Boss has told her. A subpoena'ed AOL has told her. A website that even she points to shows: Wollmann couldn't have used that email address because he'd lost that account on AOL for spamming. Even the guy who originally contacted her with Wollmann's old email address told her!

But Merrill doesn't want to listen. Why? Because if she doesn't have someone to blame and tear down, her world falls apart. Because she thinks she's found a good fall guy to frame. Someone to project her own pathological behaviors on. Wollmann doesn't have the greatest rep on the Interwebs. A shady past. So Merrill figures she will skewer him with his past, hoping it will eclipse her own bad behavior, so she can point the blame elsewhere, and distract attention from her own repugnant history. How could someone not pin all this on an Internet Bad Guy, she figures? She figures wrong.

It's a strategy that will fail. Awfully. Miserably. Mister Judgy don't PLAY dat shit.

Then, she states, in a court document, that Wollmann created the (extinct) blog at That wasn't his blog; it was Joel Utman's (aka Joel Sean Gray) . That's ridiculous. I don't know why she ascribes that one to Wollmann. Utman/Grey was the fella who used the misspelling "lier"; a pretty distinctive trait. No one has ever accused Merrill of being smart, crafty, or clever, though.

Merrill claimed that blog came down after her deposition of Wollmann. Yeah? So? It also came down after her court battle with Utman/Gray. The one where she GOT A RESTRAINING ORDER against the guy. Doesn't it make more sense that a website came down after a guy got a Restraining Order against him? Yet she insists the blog was Wollmann's. Again, ZERO evidence for this. Merrill hasn't the ability or intellectual capacity to use logic or cause and effect to tie together the facts; she's using her own moronic brand of Silly String. Which is goofy and falls apart, as you know.

By the way, she stated at Wollmann's deposition that if that website came down, she would drop the suit against Wollmann. The site did go down (because Utman took it down, duh!) Did Merrill honor her word? No. Because her word is SHIT.

So she boasts of this "Big Kahuna" restraining order she has now filed against Wollmann. She sure spent a lot of time on it. And it was all a waste. There's no evidence Wollmann is doing anything to contact her. But he'd have every right to; Jesus, for two fucking years she's been stalking, harassing, defaming Wollmann on her blog. Does she really think that no one else has the right to treat her the way she treats others?

She is just going to get this HUGE wake-up call next time she goes to court. Her entire case against Wollmann is and is predicated on bullshit, and she's just gambling that the Judge will buy her bloated bullshit. Ain't gonna happen, Merrill. What does it take to get through to you? How do you convince an insane person that Up is Up and Down is Down?

Damn, woman. Wake UP. The failure is YOU.

Cheryl Merrill reveals she currently has TWO Restraining Orders against her!

Cheryl Merrill currently has two extant Restraining Orders filed against her and lawfully obtained.

The first was obtained by Joel Sean Gray in Martinez California, as a result of court case Case MSN09-1046 in late summer 2009 that runs for three years.

The second is one that Edmond Wollmann had served on her, as Merrill admits on 01/04/09: "The defendant...{filed} a restraining order...having it served by the San Francisco Sheriff Department..."

Still to discover: Which one resulted in the stripping of her Second Amendment Rights (thank God!):
"So you write on a blog you plan on getting gun training and anyone, even a paranoid schizophrenic, can complain about feeling threatened by it to the Court. The Court can issue an order stating you can't get a gun and doesn't care how much they lied under oath. The Court wants to keep guns out of citizen's hands and will look for any excuse or false claim to do it." -Cheryl Merrill, 7/24/09

Everyone out there playing the home game, are you keeping track of all these?
Cheryl Merrill has had Restraining Orders obtained against her for her crazy behavior towards:

Joyce Cassells
Chris Bridge
Joel Sean Gray
Edmond Wollmann

Am I missing any?

How many NORMAL people do you know that have had even ONE R.O. placed against them? Plus, she went to JAIL FOR TWO WEEKS because of an alarming, disturbing fax she sent to Sheila Rogers. What part of "she is acting like a batshit crazy insane loopty loop" doesn't she understand?

Obviously, this lady hasn't read and followed "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie!

Waah! Cheryl Merrill crybabys when Karma Rips her a New One.

Oh, poor little victim Cheryl Merril. Someone has gone and put up a RipOff Report on her! Oh the horror! This shrieking CyberBitch wants to whine and complain about being "defamed" by a RipOff Report? Maybe she shouldn't have filed FOURTEEN or more RipOff Reports defaming other people then, huh?

Cheryl Merrill files a vindictive RipOff Report defaming Scott Gross:

She was hired by Gross and then he fired her when he found out about the Wiliams-Sonoma Restraining Order against her. Perfectly within his rights to do so and so then Merrill files complaints and puts up another RipOff Report. It's always other people Cheryl it's never you. Riiiiight.

Cheryl Merrill files a vindictive RipOff Report defaming Sheila Rogers:

"These people fucked with my life and trashed me. They wanted me instatutionalized. I haven't had sex but for once in 20 years. Sheila Rogers fucked up my life for years and is a cruel cold hearted bitch I couldn't even get a kiss out of"
Man, this one really epitomizes shows how sick, obsessed, and twisted Merrill really is. Everybody sees it but her.

Cheryl Merrill files a vindictive RipOff Report defaming her own Father, Buddy Merrill:

Wow. Too much information, freak. Nobody wanted to hear about Mackenzie Phillips banging her Dad, and nobody needed to hear about your issues with Buddy. All you do is sound like a disgruntled whiner who trashes people without recognizing your own faults, Cheryl.

Cheryl Merrill files a vindictive RipOff Report defaming Kirkland-Ellis:

Kirkland-Ellis fired her. So naturally they get a public browbeating by someone who can't learn to straighten the hell out and shut the fuck up. Oh, and does she put Kirkland-Ellis on her resume to puff herself up on LinkedIn? Of course she does. Does she mention she got her cranky crazy ass fired from there? Of course she doesn't.

Cheryl Merrill files a vindictive RipOff Report defaming Audrey Wulff:
Oh my. Ms Wulff was Merrill's boss. Merrill calls her a "Fag Hag", "Foreigner", "Socialist", and more. Disgruntled much, nutcase?

Cheryl Merrill files a vindictive RipOff Report defaming Chris Bridge:

Merrill has stalking Bridge, got slapped with an R.O., so naturally merrill puts up a RipOff Report on the poor guy. Standard Operating Procedure for a Psycho Bitch.

Cheryl Merrill files a vindictive RipOff Report defaming Joyce Cassells:

This is the roommate who filed for (and received) a Restraining Order against Merrill. Merrill assaulted her and caused a welt on her face. Merrill is one nasty, threatening bitch.

Cheryl Merrill files a vindictive RipOff Report defaming Williams-Sonoma Corp:

This is the company that FIRED Merrill after her typical shenanigans. They filed (and obtained) a Restraining Order against her after she was stalking Williams-Sonoma employee Chris Bridge.Early in her stint there, she got favorable write-ups. Then she showed her true nature. Can you believe she still touts her "favorable reviews" from Williams-Sonoma even after she was fired and slapped with an R.O.? I can, because I'm pretty sure she's absolutely nuts.

Cheryl Merrill files a vindictive RipOff Report defaming Danny Khatib:

Merrill posts hateful diatribes on Zimbio, Khatib yanks them down. Merrill goes postal and defames Khatib. All a perfectly natural sequence of events for a paranoid jackass.

Cheryl Merrill files a vindictive RipOff Report defaming Edmond Wollmann:

" Edmund Wollmann Nortorious On-Line Predator, Spammer, Defamer, KOOK - Needs Medication & Psychiatrist " This is the Ultimate Pot calling the Kettle Black.

Cheryl Merrill files a vindictive RipOff Report defaming Steve Eberhard:

Eberhard arrested Merrill for speeding, then evading an Officer. She went to jail for it. So she accuses him of "virtual rape" among other mind-bending, bizarre accusations.

Cheryl Merrill files a vindictive RipOff Report defaming Joan Woodward:

"Joan Woodward Ripoff Victimized a Co-Worker For Her Serious Personal Problems" If you're the Co-Worker, Cheryl it's good to see you admit you have serious personal problems.

Cheryl Merrill files a vindictive RipOff Report defaming Philip Marigman:

You wonder why she feels the need to point out that he is "Chinese".

Cheryl Merrill files a vindictive RipOff Report defaming the Taraval Police Department:

Yeah, Cheryl, Cassells filed a report on you because you assaulted her: "The police came onto the property, first to give me a ticket for assault, claiming there was a "welt" on Ms. Pacific Heights face. She took a photo of her own face as her only evidence." Right. Silly Joyce. She should remember to videotape it the next time you smack her.

So MANY RipOff Reports against so many people Cheryl. But you're being a big crybaby when someone does the same thing to you. So why is it okay to defame and defile anyone you see fit on RipOff Reports but it's such a huge injury if the same gets done to you? Seriously. How the fuck does your twisted mind think you can get away with this type of shit and then have anyone believe you when you cry that you're the victim? Hypocritical Bitch. Karma hurts when it hits, doesn't it?

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Cheryl Merrill's Woeful Ignorance and Abuse of the Legal Process

Cheryl Merrill thinks she has an ace in the hole. She thinks because she was standing in line with an attorney who told her that "Courts rarely award Attorney's fees" that she can sue and sue and not have to pay the other parties' fees. How wrong she is. Apparently, she is not aware of California's Code of Civil Procedure section 425.16, dealing with SLAPP suits (like hers). What's a SLAPP suit? A lawsuit filed which has a chilling, intimidating effect on Free Speech.

The law allows a judge to decide at the outset of the suit whether a SLAPP suit has a "probability" of winning. If the judge finds that it does not, the SLAPP must be dismissed, and the SLAPP target wins his or her legal defense costs and attorneys' fees. Get that, Chery baby? Not contract law. Civil law. SLAPP law. Look it up.

The expressive activity which is protected under the new California law is broad. Code of Civil Procedure section 425.16 states that activity which is protected under the law includes any written or oral statement or writing made in a place open to the public or a public forum in connection with an issue of public interest. Making the truth be know about Merrill's stalking, threatening, and litigious behavior is in the public interest.

Often, SLAPPs (such as Merrill's suit against Wollmann) are "camouflaged" as ordinary civil lawsuits based on traditional theories of tort or personal injury law. Among the most often used legal theories are the following:

*Defamation. Broadly defined, this is an alleged intentional false communication, which is either published in a written form (libel) or publicly spoken (slander), that injures one's reputation.

...but Wollmann did not defame Merrill. Merrill *thought* he did, and with the most minimal amount of research and evidence, went off and acted like he did. Dumb move, Jazz Failure!

*Invasion of Privacy. This legal theory refers to the unlawful use or exploitation of one's personality, the publicizing of one's private affairs with which the public has no legitimate concern, or the wrongful intrusion into one's private activities.

...Ah, yes, the Cyberstalking Merrill did of Wollmann, contacting his ex-wife, contacting his boss, etc. Quite the Invasion of Privacy.

*Malicious Prosecution or Abuse of Process. A "malicious prosecution" is a criminal or civil lawsuit which is begun with knowledge that the case lacks merit, and which is brought for a reason (e.g., to harass or annoy) other than to seek a judicial determination of the claim. The use of the legal process to intimidate or to punish the person against whom the suit is brought is generally referred to as "abuse of process."

Merrill's problem, in choosing, beyond all reason or legitimate evidence, to sue Edmond Wollmann, has resulted in *Merrill* Defaming Wollmann, in *Merrill* invading Wollmann's Privacy, and in *Merrill* bringing Malicious Prosecution and Abuse of Process to the Court against Wollmann.

Merrill thinks the Judge likes Settlement Agreements. Not when the Sued party (Wollmann) has suffered for two years at the shrieking, claws-out, impossible-to-reason-with She-Devil and all of the attacks she has made against him.

No. What Judges like to see is arrogant, deceitful, litigious, oh-look-I'm-a-poor-victim lying jerks like Merrill get SLAPPED down.

By the way, another Legal Document Merrill might want to think about that will annihilate her "Arsenal" is the Amicus Curiae Brief.

What's that, Cheryl?

Oh, it's just a a document which is filed in a court by someone who is not directly related to the case under consideration. The additional information which is found in such a document can be useful for the judge evaluating the case, and it becomes part of the official case record.

The tradition of accepting amicus briefs comes from a larger concept, the amicus curiae, or “friend of the court.” A friend of the court may be interested in a case for various reasons, although he or she is not directly involved. For example, a court might be preparing to try a case related to online stalking or defamation, an issue of great concern to many people. An amicus brief might be filed to discuss the larger ramifications of potential case outcomes, since these ramifications might not be brought up by the prosecution or defense during the course of a trial.

An Amicus Curiae Brief filed in the Court for the Merrill vs Wollmann lawsuit would have statements from many of Merrill's past victims, speaking the very credible truth of how Merrill has treated, attacked, defamed, stalked, and threatened them.

The cost to file such a brief would be minimal, in fact, some Attorneys, such as those who work at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, live for this type of filing and do so Pro Bono.

Cheryl Merrill’s Victims

Edmond Wollmann. Joel Utman. Sheila Rogers. Paul Davidson. Audrey Wulff. Nicoletta Gentile. Violet Blue. Joyce Cassells. Steve Eberhard. Williams-Sonoma. Chris Bridge. Buddy Merrill. Ron Berki. Joseph Hart. Danny Khatib. Joann Woodward. Gays. Lesbians. Kirkland Ellis. Pamela Lauser. You will learn about how these people and companies became victims of Cheryl Merrill’s vindictive crusade.

More evidence of Cheryl Merrill’s Cyberstalking

In the latest video Merrill has posted on her hate-full blog “” (aka “Cheryl Merrill vs. Edmond Wollmann”), Merrill makes an idiotic mistake: She shows a pushpin she created in Google Earth for “Paul Davidson” (the video has been archived in case of later legal need). Why would Cheryl Merrill need to create a Google Earth record for Paul Davidson if not for Cyberstalking?

Why would Merrill cyberstalk Paul Davidson? Because Merrill is more than a mega-fan of Kristy MacNichol. Merrill once created an entire site devoted to MacNichol (violating dozens of copyrights in the process, posting images she had no rights to*). Paul Davidson, who writes an entertaining blog, made some snarky comments about repeatedly running into MacNichol in real life, jokingly suggesting that MacNichol was ’stalking” him.

Enter obsessed MacNichol fan Merrill to the defense! Her complaints about Davidson’s light-hearteed, humorous jibes were over the top, to the point that Davidson called her a “crazy jazz singing lady”. This caused steam to pour out of Merrill’s ears and her veins to pop. Not only did she ratchet up the vitriol in comments on Davidson’s blog, but she started in on defaming comments about him on her own blog.

Not satisified with that level of vindictiveness, Merrill started to vandalize (several times) Davidson’s Wikipedia page, attempting to denigrate and discredit him. Davidson soon learned the Golden Rule in dealing with Merrill; Displease her, or criticize her, and she will be all over you like a cheap suit. A nasty, hateful, cyberstalking cheap suit.

*Wikipedia also forced down copyrighted images of MacNichol that Merrill posted for an article there. Notice a pattern here?

Cheryl Merrill’s Threats to and Obsession with Sheila Rogers

Cheryl Merrill’s stalking and threat victim Sheila Rogers

Sheila Rogers is a Music Producer for David Letterman. She attended High School with Cheryl Merrill in California, and Merrill has had an unhealthy and disturbing fixation on Rogers ever since. Perhaps the best evidence for this is in Merrill’s own words, as she has posted them on,, and her own blogs, on multiple occasions (all archived to show that none of what is said here is untrue).

Here’s the shocking post Merrill made on, in which she confesses to a sick obsession no normal person would admit to, and admits also that she was put in jail for 2 weeks for. Notice that *nowhere* in the report does Merrill ever bring evidence that ms. Rogers has ever done *anything to Merrill*, making any sane person question what is behind Merrill’s twisted and obsessive fixation:

” Report: #210015
Report: Sheila Rogers – Letterman Show Music Producer
Category: Con Artists
Sheila Rogers – Letterman Show Music Producer Caused Major Damages to My Life Manhattan New York
Submitted: Friday, September 08, 2006
Modified: Saturday, June 23, 2007

San Francisco, California

Sheila Rogers and I attended the same high school in Palos Verdes Estates and attended orchestra class 4 years. During that time, I won awards over her as a violist that her parents witnessed at awards dinner ceremonies. Sheila had been first chair violinist in her junior high school orchestra and they had high expectations for her. However, in high school in our Freshman year I was enthusiastically applauded the night I received an award for Outstanding Freshman. Sheila’s father, a brain surgeon, was in attendance that evening and they both waited for my departure with my boyfriend I attended prom with that year, to congratulate me.

I also won an award over Sheila Rogers two years later, to attend a U.S.C. college student music camp for 1 week. Sheila’s mother, a psychiatrist, was present during that ceremony as well. Two years later I received an award for Outstanding Stylist in the well respected P.V.H.S. Jazz Choir.

In my Freshman year, I was viewed as a successful freshman and was invited to my high school prom. Shortly after I was asked, Sheila Rogers got tickets to the prom as well as the competition she initiated began. Sheila Rogers sat next to me and my date’s table, and was smoking ciggarettes at 13 trying to act cool.

During a break at a night rehersal for the musical Oklahoma in our Freshman year, Sheila Rogers asked me to come with her on campus somewhere. She didn’t tell me where she was leading me. She took me to her stash of pot and shared my first joint with me. I was afraid of Sheila Rogers, she turned me on and I wanted a kiss. Instead I got a wet joint she put completely in her mouth. She pointed out a nark on campus and I didn’t turn her in for exposing me to my first drug experience.

During my junior and senior high school years, I fell in love with Sheila Rogers and was terrified of my feelings for her. I was so terrified of the love she made me feel for her, that I joined the high school jazz choir to get involved with another music group.

Sheila Rogers was a wealthy upper class girl in high school who scared the hell out of me. She got a spitfire sports convertible for her 16th birthday and had strong support in her life. I had abusive, socially retarded parents who wanted to imprison me to sadistic manipulation all they could. For instance,I didn’t get any allowance in a wealthy neighborhood so I had to clean people’s houses in a youth program to get money for the things I needed to buy. My father, a t.v. musician, was an idiot and so was his wife. He had a vintage Fender he got free from the Fender corporation in the 50’s he returned to the company with a nasty letter because they didn’t give him enough publicity. That guitar could have paid for my collge education. My parents made my life difficult and wanted me to suffer for their jealousy that they felt I had it easy compared to their teenage years.

Sheila Rogers was a huge tease and turn on. She flirted with me from across the classroom and never let me into her life at all. She was never a friend, but really an enemy who wanted to destroy me. I spent a lot of time thinking about her in my life and she gave me nothing to grasp of anything real. It was as if she was just an illusion and the feelings she inspired, a cruel hoax. She played the role of a friend by hugging me on graduation day, but she never spent any time with me beyond school functions. She never got to know me or my feelings I had developed for her. I was completley closeted and afraid to ever let Sheila Rogers know my feelings.

In 1981, Sheila Rogers approached me in her vehicle 3 years after our graduating high school. I had worked out at my gym that day as I always did. Sheila expressed a lot of happiness and emotion in approaching me in her car, wanting to speak with me. I drove past her, calling her name and didn’t stop because I was afraid of what might transpire and that I’d be rejected and humiliated as a lesbian who wanted to kiss her.

Later, a few of Sheila’s friends, Ms. Tush of Hermosa Beach, and another P.V.H.S. classmate were sent down to my gym to play with my mind and introduce hallucianegenics into my mind state – mushrooms. They were friends of Sheila trying to mess me up for passing her that day. Sheila clearly wanted revenge. I had seen her again shortly after, and she expressed anger towards me in her car. She took it personally and was passionate in her hatred for me in what I witnessed that day.

I went up to visit Sheila at her parents house, and she smiled in my face acting like nothing was wrong, saying she was happy to see me. What she really was thinking was how she could stick a knife in my back as she smiled in my face. I was naive still back then and didn’t realize the danger I was in. She flirted with me and winked at me saying maybe she’d bump into me one day. The reality is, Sheila Rogers really hated me and wanted me punished for her warped perceptions of me.

Sheila later sicked her two powerful professional parents on me out of punishment – her pscyhitarist mother and brain surgeon father. They wanted me in a mental hospital for being hot for their daughter. Mr. Rogers had me fired from a temp job where I was about to be hired at T.R.W. Sheila got a job at Rolling Stone Magazine as the Random Notes Writter while Dr. Rogers was getting me fired and wanting me in a mental hostpiral (flash back to age 13 please to see what I’m alluding too).

I’m a talented singer, I was meant to be a singer and recording artist. The Rogers tried to destroy my life and were playing manipulative games. I got a restraining order, and during this order, Sheila and her girlfriend came into a restaurant I frequented, to try and get me all riled up. I just cried and left. Sheila was sitting there with her legs spread, glancing over at me. I left in tears.

I was once totally in love with Sheila Rogers. I would have done anything for her. She made me her enemy and sicked her parents on me. She never got to know me, and introduced drugs into my life. I could have turned her over to the school nark and ruined her future, but I didn’t. Instead, she gradually tried to destroy my future. All I wanted was a kiss and friendship from Sheila Rogers. She gave me nothing but anxiety, torture and sadistic abuse throuhout my life.

Had Sheila Rogers not had deep green eyes, I doubt I would have been so hooked on her. It all came down to the color of her eyes and a little of her magnetism and my delusional, highly suggstive mind and little else.

Sheila Rogers has been given so much in her life, it was completely unecessary to try and destroy my life. I have real talent and needed support. I’m going to be a very late bloomer thanks to Sheila Rogers meddling in my life, giving me so little in return for the emotional web she involved me in with her egotistical needs to be worshipped as a gooddess.

Sheila drove a spitfire at 16, I cleaned houses to buy a fricken moped. Give me a break. I went to jail 2 weeks because Sheila Rogers turned my fax to Rolling Stone over to the police. She was vicious, cruel and I never even got a kiss out of all the suffering I went through.

I was totally ripped off my Sheila Rogers and her family. I have damages in the millions. I really have talent – I’m serious. I was supposed to have been a recording artist jazz singer. I’m only now starting to get with it at 46 recording music in my home studio. These people fucked with my life and trashed me. They wanted me instatutionalized. I haven’t had sex but for once in 20 years. Sheila Rogers fucked up my life for years and is a cruel cold hearted bitch I couldn’t even get a kiss out of. She gets nominated for Emmy’s now as part of Letterman’s music production team. Give me a break!

San Francisco, California

It seems obvious that Merrill conveyed a credible threat of violence, and was incarcerated for it. However, instead of learning from this, she responds vindictively, *blaming her victim* in a manner one would expect from someone with a Narcissistic personality disorder. Indeed, her obsession and vengeful activities towards Rogers have backfired on Merrill. The published pages on RipOffReports aren’t something Merrill has control over; once posted, she cannot remove them. They stand as stark reminders of a bad decision to post something that will serve as evidence of her threatening behaviors for years to come. For all the glowing employment reviews Merrill touts (some from places where she was FIRED and/or received Restraining Orders from) and “background checks” she claims to have passed, this one RipOffReport on Rogers alone stands as testimony to an unstable, threatening, vindictive individual with serious issues.

Merrill’s inability to “let it go” has caused her to create/vandalize Wikipedia pages for Rogers. Let’s be reasonable, if someone was put in jail for 2 weeks because of a threatening fax, and who claimed “These people fucked with my life and trashed me. They wanted me instatutionalized. I haven’t had sex but for once in 20 years. Sheila Rogers fucked up my life for years and is a cruel cold hearted bitch I couldn’t even get a kiss out of.”, wouldn’t you think that them putting up a Wikipedia page about their victim is more than a little stalky?

A Wikipedia page in which Merrill tries to embarrass and discredit Rogers by posting Drunk Driving arrests, etc. and gets in reversion wars with the Wikipedia administrators, trying to put in inappropriate material, time and time again:

But that’s not enough for Merrill., a defunct website that allowed people to hate on their neighbors, was the perfect vessel for Merrill’s trademark brand of bile:

“Daddy can’t help you any more Sheila. No more sports cars on your 16th birthday to make your peers feel horrible that they rode mopeds to their Housecleaning jobs in Palos Verdes Estates. My photo attached from 1995-the woman Sheila Rogers ruined. My singing career was over long ago thanks to this spoile wealthy rich b.”

That’s not the complaint of someone who is Rogers’ current neighbor. That’s just a sick, jealous slam on someone who has achieved more than Merrill has.

Not sure exactly when Merrill went to jail for making threats against Rogers, but as recently as march, 2209, Merrill was *still* obsessed with Rogers, making a blog post and video, both since yanked, although both have been archived, of course. Here’s a sample from that March ‘09 post:

“Sheila Should Hire a Fag Attorney in San Francisco – They Love Cock Suckers!

So Sheila can now sue me for alleged libel! Since fags like cock sucking women, there are plenty of adoring fags she can hire at law firms in San Francisco. In response to a lawsuit I’d be forced to subpoena all the key men Sheila sucked off who would say “Sheila never sucked my dick to get the job.” Uh huh. These people cover for one another, that’s why they rose to such heights is due to their social networking skills. There are no photos of Sheila Rogers on the Internet to be found. (The satire photo is my interpretation of Sheila Rogers when she was arrested for a DUI in Los Angeles in 1992 – her daddy posted $10k bond for his little princess that was forfeited due to her failure to appear). If someone reads this who has any photos of Sheila Rogers, please feel free to send them to me so I can post them on this blog. (Sheila Rogers is a public figure, so this is not unlawful stalking!) I’ll offer $$ for photos, as well as any video clips of her. I’ve listed my email contact in my about profile.”

So, Merrill insists that this is not “unlawful stalking”. If Rogers were to press charges, it very well could be. You went to JAIL for threatening her, Merrill. For 2 WEEKS. Oh, you took the post down. Was it because Rogers put legal pressure on you to do so? How stupid do you have to be to continue publicly obsessing over and cyberstalking your victim in the first place? Pretty goddamn stupid.